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Pawz Away

Trains your pet when no other solution has worked.

The new Pawz Away is a thin, translucent mat that lays across doorways, on tables, on the couch or chair, under your plants, in front of the garbage can - anywhere that you want your pet to avoid. It is covered with little contact points that are charged.

When your pet touches the Pawz Away mat he gets tiny, surprising, unpleasant zaps to his feet that say "get down!".
(It's a static charge much like a doorknob is charged in winter.)

It's totally harmless. But it works - even when you are away. Your pet will quickly learn to avoid the areas you have specified.


  • Portable and easy. Just lay it out and turn it on.
  • 9 volt Battery operated. (not included)
  • Low battery indicator feature
  • Three modes of operation: correction, correction with warning tone, and tone only.
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty from the manufacturer

Two sizes of Pawz Away are currently available:

Sofa Protector is 12" x 60" and created specially for couches.

Large is 24" x 48" and works great on table-tops, car hoods, under garbage cans, across doorways to keep pets out of specific rooms like the nursery or formal dining area.

If you need different sizes or configurations, Scat Mats™ are compatible and offer two additional sizes: Medium Scat Mat™ is 16" x 30" (for chairs and love seats) and Scat Mat™ Strip is 3" x 46" and ideal for window sills and counter tops.

After your pets have experienced the touch of the Pawz Away with power, use it in its "reminder" mode: the tone-only feature lets you leave it on, but without the bite. Just a little reminder is all most pets need.

Or use Dummy mats to extend your coverage. The dummy looks just like the original, but has no power. After your pets are conditioned to the real mats, place a dummy there instead. He won't trespass.

Then you can move your original Pawz Away mat to a new location.

Part # Description Price Quantity
PSPDT0011318 Pawz Away 12in x 60in $72.59
PSPDT0011319 Pawz Away 24in x 48in $74.39
SKM421 Scat Mat 30in x 16in $49.99
SKM441 Scat Mat Strip; 3in x 46in $49.99
SKMC41D Dummy Mat 20in x 48in $17.95
SKMC42D Dummy Mat 30in x 16in $14.95
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Alerts you when he needs in or out

No more accidents because your dog or cat couldn't get your attention.

Say goodbye to the scratching, whining, and barking when your best friend needs to visit the backyard.

You'll stop waiting in the doorway, impatient for his return.

The Smart Pet Doorbell™ has an audible tone that tells you he's ready. A must-have for busy homes.

Mount the doorbell near the door. Attach the small "key" to your pet's collar. The doorbell senses when the collar key gets close and rings the bell to let you know that your dog or cat has gone to the door.



  • Simple.
  • Smart Doorbell senses your pet's SmartKey and signals you that your pet is at the door.
  • Key is small enough for the smallest dog or cat to wear comfortably
  • Detects pets indoors and outdoors
  • Mounts securely on door, wall, or glass
  • Adjustable detection range up to 15 feet
  • Personalize it with your favorite photo
  • Adjustable volume levels
  • Low battery indicator
  • Works for up to 5 pets
  • Requires 3 "C" batteries (not included)
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty

Measures 7.2" x 4.6" x 1.9".

smart doorbell for cats
Part # Description Price Quantity
PSMPA0011593 Smart Doorbell $79.99
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